Treatment Resources

  • Assertiveness. Are you striving to improve your ability to communicate well with others? This is a great resource to improve your skills in this area.
  • Depression. Do you want to make marked improvements with your mood? Here are some standard approaches used to treat depression.
  • Self-Esteem. What exactly is self-esteem? Could you be suffering from it and not realize it? And how do you improve it? Find out the answer to these questions and more here.
  • Panic Attacks. What is a panic attack? You’d know if you had suffered from one in the past. Learn what exactly they are and how to treat them here.
  • Excessive worrying. Do you find yourself worrying all the time and have trouble controlling it? Explore here to find out how to better control your wandering mind.
  • Social anxiety. Do you get anxious around others? Could it be more than just being ‘shy’? You might be suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. Read more about what it is and how to treat it.
  • Procrastination. Millions of people suffer from this unhelpful habit. Learn practical tips on how to better manage your time.
  • Perfectionism. Do you struggle with having to have things be ‘just right’? Click here to find out how to reign in your need for not making mistakes.
  • Insomnia. Are you like the many millions of Americans who have trouble with sleep? Check out this valuable resource to incorporate potent tips on how you can more successfully saw those logs.


Links for loved ones:


  • Depression:


Mayo Clinic: The ‘provide support’ section of this page has some helpful tips on how to support a friend or family member with depression. Page 1 of this link lists the symptoms of depression and how to help folks seek treatment.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for helping others with depression: offers some additional tips as well as some links to other helpful websites

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